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So far, there are not that many stripes but I figure that will change over the next few years. These are the plants I have in my collection. If you know of others that are available, please let me know. You can click on the thumbnails for a larger photo.
Augie's Unique Beauty
Bananas In Pajamas
Broken Promise
Cherry Stripes
Cyclone Twister
Dappled Dynamo
Doctor Strange Love
Midnight Drops Of Jupiter
Lovely Margie
Midnight Pacific Mist
Peppermint Ice
Pink Stripes
Plum Striped
Streaks N' Strokes
Yankee Pinstripes
I also have several seedlings under evaluation, plus a wonderful future from my friend, Elaine Seifert. Here are a few of those.
Seedling X Seedling
Pitter Patter X Pink Stripes
Elaine's future
Diva In Zebra
Explosion In The Paint Factory