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It seems like people either love them or hate them.... there doesn't seem to be an in-between. I am one of the people that loves stipples and have amassed quite a collection of them. You can click on each thumbnail for an enlarged picture.
Acadia At Twilight
Amethyst Veil
Angel's Dust
Arrayed In Splendor
Bacon Gold Nugget
Bengal Tiger
Bi-colored Bite
Blackberry Surprise
Charting New Waters
China Veil
Cinnamon Roll
Circle Of Eternity
Coming Up Posies
Connect The Dots
Crackling Fire
Crazy Lace
Delicate Design
Dizzy Dots
Dotted Petals
Dotted Swiss
Double Doodah
Double Twit
Dreams Of Heaven
Drop Cloth
Dylan Dye
Expanding Universe
Faux Finish
Flashing Jewel
Flashy Flamingo
Greywoods Boston Shag
Little Angel's Breath
Melankton Speiser
Peppered Leopard
Veined Velociraptor
Bitten Agin x Fabulous Black Pearl
BF Tet DD   Overspray
Bedouin Tattoo x Untangle My Emotions
China Veil x Drop Cloth
China Veil x Tuxedo Junction
Ed Brown x Kipling
Golliwog x Bob Faulkner sdlg
Holy Guacamole x Green Revolution
Inch Worm x Angel Eyes
Mapping Kansas x Sdlg
Katrinas Heros x China Veil
Nature's Grape Fizz x (White Mountain X Gaskin's Sdl)g
Greebus sdlg
Warrell sdlg
Sandy Bottom
Mahan Yellow Brick Road
Seifert Selma Longlegs X Lily Munster
Way Past Cool
Wee Folk
Stippled Tease
Stippled Velvet
Stout and Stippled
Sweet Spot
The Mist of Mount Brandon
Tiered Triumph
Spotted Fever
Sprinkled with Paprika
Stippled Peach Parfait
Stippled Stardust
Stippled Stars
Stippled Starship
Stippled Statement
Freaky Freckles
Greywoods Dootie Do Little
Greywoods Spiders Lair
Happy Hooligan
Hayfield Speckles
Helen Orndoff
Indy Misty Love
Indy Star Dust
Undercover Angel
Accent On View
Beside Myself
Dentist The Menace
Dune Sweetheart
Freckled Lass
Gail Reese
Gamma Quadrant
Goldmist Red
Iron Eyes
Itza Walleyed Fit
June Mist
Kaleidoscope Fantasy
Lavender Layers
Lavender Splatter
Jim Spencer
Lavender Moonlight
Little Fairy Festival
Little White Lie
Lotsa Dots
Love Crucified Arose
Maarten Verhaert
Mabel Winegar
Marietta Polkadot
Mark's Bouquet
Mini Minx
Mocha To Go
Nature's Grape Fizz
Not Without Merritt
Olive's Odd One
Painted By Angels
Monocacy Summer Mist
Persimmons Cinnamon And Marmalade
Phil Reilly
Pink Polka Dots
Pitter Patter
Polka Dot Bikini
Porcelain Caress
Narnia Awakened
O'Bannon Orchid
Putney Spotted Fever
Red Squirrel
Rose and Ashes
Roses For Tomorrow
Royal Academy
Royal Speckles
Ruffian's Apprentice
Raspberry Freckles
Rose To The Occasion
Sienna Sunset
Small World Connect the Dots
Spacecoast Freaky Tiki
Speaking Of Speckled
Speckled Duck
Speckled Trout
Spice Cake
Spots Before My Eyes
Tallahassee Two Step
Va Va Voom
Dr Pepper
Undercurrent X Cruising for a Bruising
Powell Stippled
Sand Burr - Mahan Butterpat X Frans Hal
Sea Shore - Mahan Frans Hal X Popove
Sobek Stipple
Green Token
Hanna Fornshell
In Reverse
Ivan And Kay's Kindness
Loving Embrace
Long Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away
Lily Munster
Prodigal Daughter
Splish Splash
Strawberry Milkyway