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My Introductions
I'm really proud of my first introduction, and have several others that I am evaluating for possible introduction. I have another that will definitely be registered after my inventory increases a little more. But for now, here is Plum Striped.............
PLUM STRIPED (Zink 2014) Dip 5.5" Sev Mid Season 35" Height, 3 br, 21 buds  (Above The Crowd X Pink Stripes)

Plum, darker plum eye, white and lavender stripes, yellow to green throat, white midribs
MY FIRST INTRODUCTION and I am quite proud of it. Plum is pod and pollen fertile and increases rapidly. It caught my eye very quickly it's second season when we had a severe drought and so many of my established plants went summer dormant. Plum thumbed her nose at the drought and bloomed non-stop from early July until frost. It also shocked me when I discovered it had increased from a DF that spring to 17 fans at the end of the summer while being loaded down with pods. It continues to be one of the best performers in the garden. I moved from Ohio to Indiana in August, 2012 and I can tell you, moving plants during the worst drought Indiana had seen in decades and the worst temperatures does not give great performance, and I took stats in 2013 for registration purposes. Before the move, Plum consistently had 4-5 way branching and around 25 buds and continued to send scapes up all season. It did not rebloom in 2013, for the first time, so I did not register it as a rebloomer. I took stats from the worst scape of 2013. I'd rather have someone be pleasantly surprised that it performed better than expected than disappointed because it didn't meet expectations. Blooms hold up very well. Pod and pollen fertile.
Photo taken 2012
Photo taken 2013 - 7:00 AM
Photo taken 2013 - 6:20 PM
A very limited number of plants are available for $100/DF