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To say I'm "different" would be an understatement. I was born and raised in southern Indiana and grew up with goats, cows, and horses. I still love animals and had four horses until the summer of 2012 . I was forced to give them away before the move to Indiana and I miss them.........

2012 was a year of many changes. I ended a 33 year long unhappy marriage and I feel like I have a new lease on life. After the divorce, I dug about 100 roses and approximately 3000 daylilies and moved them from Ohio to Indiana. Mom was living alone since Dad had passed away so it just seemed like the logical solution to move over here. She loves the daylilies so we are having lots of fun together. Getting these plants all replanted into permanent beds is still a work in progress. I have been hampered  by the need to have a total hip replacement. In the middle of digging plants in Ohio, I thought I'd pulled a muscle, but after several months with the pain getting more severe, my doctor sent me to a Bone & Joint Clinic where they told me I needed a total hip replacement. I tried to put it off long enough to get the plants reorganized into their permanent beds but this project has taken a lot longer than I'd imagined and the hip continued to deteriorate. Finally, in 2014, I realized I couldn't put it off any longer so scheduled the surgery for November, 2014. Hopefully in the spring of 2015, I will be able to make a lot better progress than I have in the last couple of years. There is a lot more information on "The Move" link on the left.

I am a former truck driver but for the past several years, I have worked for ADP as a Client Service Representative. This works out great because I get lots of overtime in the winter and that helps to support my plant addiction..... lol

I love the outdoors and find that gardening is very soothing to the soul.  After being cooped up inside all day at work, I'm always ready for some outdoors time.

I also enjoy  designing and building watergardens. Now that I have the freedom to do it, I will build another watergarden here.

I also love my cats and dogs and have too many of them..... 4 dogs and 5 cats.

I enjoy dabbing pollen and especially love the thrill of going out to see the new seedlings bloom.